The Lost Children of the Namuh

Written by David A Lindon
Cover design by
Matt Donovan


No Surrender at Arnhem

Written by Robert Peatling
and illustrated by
Matt Donovan


Catching the Impossible

Hugh Miles
Cover and Logo Design
Matt Donovan

The Study of Fossils

A Guide for the Younger Fossils Hunter

Written by Dr. Rob Coram
Illustrated by Matt Donovan

An Introduction to Drawing

Published by Cambridge Press
Included illustrations by
Matt Donovan


The Amazing Adventures of Scary Bones the Skeleton

Cover Design
Matt Donovan


Full stop to the rescue
By Netty Leek

Illustrated by
Matt Donovan


Illustrations in
Computer enhanced
Paintings &

Book covers and

  Illustrations in watercolour Computer inhanced illustrations Paintings and drawings Book covers and illustrations

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